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Sosyal Mesafem,

Covid-19 Tracking App

Sosyal Mesafem is a location based tracking application within the scope of fighting against Covid-19. What is tracking? It is the detailed mapping with backward person-based trace of the transmission of the disease.

When Sosyal Mesafem user who fights with the spread of COVID-19 spends more than 10 minutes at a distance of 2 meters with other users:

The data of the people with whom is contacted is recorded to the Sosyal Mesafem Block Chain in the way of Personal Data Protection Law.
In infection situation, users who have been contacted in the past 14 days are advised to isolate themselves and follow the symptoms.
Social Distance Alert is sent as in-app notification to the user he / she has contacted.
To prevent disinformation of information related to the Covid-19 process, only with authorized users:
  • Mask, disinfectant etc. correct use of equipment,


  • New announcements about the process,


  • Sharing is done instantly as a notification in order to raise awareness of the society on issues such as statistics,
Users can access location-based hospitals, pharmacies, shopping centers, cash dispensers and make calls from the application with their emergency numbers.

How It Works?

– Storing the basic information of the user (Identity Number / Phone Number) by encrypting with block chain technology in line with the Personal Data Protection Law
– Using the location-based GPS data, anonymized user locations are recorded with blockchain technology in line with the Personal Data Protection Law
– Anonymized data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and recorded with block chain technology

Who We Are?

– Sosyal Mesafem, is a social responsibility project created with the participation of Tannection, Bidustry, Pensor, Fixliyo and Blocco360 companies those continue their activities within the scope of fighting against Covid-19 within the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) – Bilgiyi Ticarileştirme Merkezi (BTM).
– As project management, we hope that our country will survive this duration as soon as possible, and we wish healing to our illnessed citizens, mercy from Allah and condolences to their families.

Supporting Institutions
and Organizations



Project Manage-

Alkan ULU

Sosyal Mesafem / Kurucu Ortak

Fixliyo / Kurucu Ortak
Birand ÖNEN

Sosyal Mesafem / Kurucu Ortak

Pensor AI / Kurucu Ortak

Sosyal Mesafem / Kurucu Ortak

Bidustry / Kurucu Ortak

Sosyal Mesafem / Kurucu Ortak

Bidustry / Kurucu Ortak

Sosyal Mesafem / Kurucu Ortak

Tannection / Kurucu

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